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Duropal Worktops

Duropal laminate worktops for quality you can take for granted. Duropal worktops from Brian Jackman are the perfect alternative to acrylic based, granite & stone worktops at a fraction of the price.

Our comprehensive selection of decors offer opportunities from the most modern applications to the more traditional. 61 exciting decors available in Classic or Quadra profile. Duropal worktops are available as 600 single post formed and 670 or 900 double post formed (Click on image for larger picture and information on sizes, upstands and splashbacks). We offer a full cut to size and machining service to all worktops in the Duropal range.


Crystal Stone


CT is a surface texture especially suitable for stone reprodution decors. Whilst offering both the feel and optical of a naturalstone surface, the product remains the usual high performance characteristics of a Duropal worktop

Crystal Stone Quadra Profile


Enhanced Semi-Matt


This surface is distinguished by its pleasantly natural feel

Enhanced Semi-Matt Texture Quadra Profile


Fine Grain


Fine Grain has a fine texture and evokes the association with ceramics and stoneware. Wood becomes tangible, gets a softer feel and a natural impression. The visual matt appearance is supported by its tactile appeal.

Fine Grain Texture Quadra Profile


Enhanced High Gloss


HS is fashionable yet enhanced performance gloss finish designed to both complement the effect of the decor and provide improved abrasion resistance when compared to standard gloss finishes. All gloss surface finishes will scratch and will also shows scratches more easily. Additional care should be taken accordingly  in both installation and use.

High Gloss Quadra Profile




Looks and feels like a brushed wood with a gloss-matt effect. It addresses the current trend for strong and distinctive surfaces. The surface texture is parallel without pronounced wood figures, knots, etc.

Rustica Texture Quadra Profile


Top Face


Universally applicable neutral and ideal surface. TC is classic for worktops as this surface is particularly resistant to fingerprints.

Top Face Texture Quadra Profile

Duropal MO Texture after ifran



The generous, deep wood structure is particularly suited to expressive hardwoods and softwoods. Distinguished by a unique Gloss/Matt effect; provides tangible depth. Large scale structured wood grains look particularly authentic with this structure.

Montana Cubix Profile

duropal SX Texture after ifran



This Modern Structure with numerous material properties is like a chameleon.The craftsmanship of the material is emphasized by the Matt, rough feel;momentum and generosity caused by a subtle brush stroke,which gains depth by the glossiness.

Stucotex Quadra Profile

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