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Formica Infiniti® Worktops

As beautiful as it is durable, Formica Infiniti® Laminate features a soft-to-the-touch super matte finish, resists fingerprints, has thermal healing capabilities and built-in antimicrobial surface protection. This technology stops the growth of mildew and mold, which can cause stains and odors.


A surfacing material like no other. Elegant and sleek with a contemporary matte finish, it feels softer and works harder than anything we’ve made before.

Created with technology that protects it from marks, fingerprints and accidental abrasions, so it stays looking better for longer. What’s more, it can be postformed to hold a curve. It’s one surface with endless possibilities.

Available in 3 grades: Formica® Laminate, ColorCore® and Formica® Compact.

Formica Infiniti® Contour

Formica Infiniti® Contour is a rounded profiled edge with a subtle curve available
on all worktops and breakfast bars within the Formica Infiniti® Worktops range.

38mm thickness with curved edge
38mm Thick Example

Formica Infiniti® Edge

Formica Infiniti® Edge is an ultra-modern 22mm thick square edge, allowing for
clean lines and the creation of bespoke component shapes.

22mm thcik square edge
infiniti example

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