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The heart of the kitchen

Axiom® by Formica Group is a stunning range of worktops, upstands and splashbacks that feature unique designs, partnered with premium surface finishes. Axiom® worktops and accessories allow your dream kitchen to become a reality.


All decors in the Axiom® range are available as worktops (profiled on one edge), as breakfast bars (profiled on two edges) and as matching upstands. Selected decors are also available as matching splashbacks and in addition, there are nine complementary splashbacks. (Click on an image below to see a larger image, and show product availability).

Formica, the Formica Anvil Device and Axiom are registered trademarks of The Diller Corporation.


Crystal Texture

A sophisticated texture that offers a delicate shimmer.

Crystal Surface Finish, Axis Profile


Etchings Texture

Subtle surface detail highlighted by a soft polished sheen gives an authentic granite look to the Etchings collection

Etchings Surface Finish Axis Profile


Honed Texture

Honed is highly tactile finish that emulates the look and feel of brushed matt stone

Honed Surface Finish Linea Profile


Lustre Texture

Bring an element of sparkle to your kitchen surfaces with Lustre. This unique texture captures the translucent effect of quartz particles found in natural stone

Lustre Surface Finish Axis Profile


Puregrain Texture

Available in four beautiful wood species, Puregrain is smooth, linea woodgrain with a super-natural look

Puregrain Surface Finish, Axis Profile


Scovato Texture

Subtle highs and lows breathe life into Scovato Texture worktops, creating beautiful, smooth kitchen surfaces

Scovato Surface Finish Axis Profile

Scovato Surface Finish Linea Profile

Woodland Texture

Woodland Texture

A smooth, elegant low gloss finish to enhance beautiful wood designs bringing versatility to your kitchen.

Woodland Texture Axis Profile

Woodland Remasterd

Lumber Texture

A rustic and tactile linear wood grain texture mimicking the effect of the light brushing, for a a kitchen job well done

Lumber Texture Axis Profile

Platinum Texture Image web

Platinum Etchings Texture

Our New Platinum Etchings surfaces blend sophisticated with sparkle with a textured gloss finish, to create a stylish ambience.

Platinum Etchings Linea profile

Satin NDF Pic

Satin NDF Texture

Satin NDF is a new grown up smooth, low gloss finish. Paired with beautiful marble designs to create dramatic effects in your kitchen.

Satin NDF Linea Profile

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