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Lengths & Thickness: 1800mm & 3600mm
28mm, 42mm and 54mm
Depths: 600mm & 650mm edged 1 long 2 short
900mm edged 2 long & 2 short

1800mm x 650mm or 3600mm x 650mm with 240mm radius each end
1800mm x 900mm or 3600mm x 900mm with 240mm radius on each corner.

Upstands: 3680mm x 70mm x 10mm
3680mm x 150mm x 10mm
Splashbacks: 3680mm x 580mm x 10mm
1840mm x 580mm x 10mm
900mm x 760mm x 10mm
4 different undermount sink options available, plus two new flushmounted sink options.

We offer a full bespoke service, and will cut, edge, joint and shape any worktops from our ranges to your specific needs.

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